How to sell faster?


When increasing priority of your ad, you bring it to the top of the similar theme ads list.

This is rather convenient way to attract portal visitors' attention to your offer.

Become the first in the list and be the leader in the views number.

Cost: 200 tenge  


The ad is highlighted in yellow background for all the time of placement on the website. 

Ad highlight is a great way to make your ad brighter and noticeable among others.

Cost: 200 tenge


Having fixed an ad, you lift it to the top of the similar theme ads list for 7 days. It mean:

- 10 times more views

- 5 times more responses

- Much faster sale

Cost: 400 tenge


Mark the ad as urgent until you sell your product. 

- In this case you you attract more attention, which means you get more feedback

- Your ad becomes more noticeable among other offers

Cost: 300 tenge 

One of the best ways to promote your ad!
Your Premium ad will appear on the website main page.

Cost: 400 tenge

"Turbo" package

Do you want to sell your product/service as quickly as possible? This offer is just for you:

- Fixing the ad for 5 days

- 5-day ad highlit

- Annotation "Urgent" for 10 days

Cost: 500 tenge 

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