Use terms

The most recognizable among the agricultural producers of both Kazakhstan and near and far abroad countries, the agency "Kazakh-Zerno" offers you to use the bulletin board. Let's note website is viewed in 50 countries of the world according to the statistics.

The universal Kazakhstan Internet resource "Kazakh-Zerno" allows to give an ad for free.

Additional opportunities: placing an ad in the Premium block, replenishment of the account and payment for services with the help of bank cards, through terminals for accepting payments, as well as electronic money.

"Kazakh-Zerno" is a universal board of free ads. Here you can submit an announcement, which within 7 days will be relevant for the website visitors. Then you can update it via your personal account.

Both the buyers and sellers of agricultural products and agricultural producers can use the bulletin board.

Our message board features:

  • an ad is hosted free of charge for 7 days;
  • website administration is not responsible for an ad content;
  • private ads can be filed with photos;
  • an ad can be highlighted in a special yellow background (for an additional fee);
  • you can place an ad in the Premium ad unit (for an additional fee).

It's very easy to register on the Kazakh-Zerno website. With the help of our message board you will make your information available for residents of Kazakhstan and foreign users! Among them, for sure, there are those for whom it will be relevant!

General Provisions

  • You can post a free ad on the "Kazakh-Zerno" website;
  • The term of the ad on the website: 7 days. You can update your ads via your personal account;
  • You can add photos to your ad;
  • In the title you need to write the correct name of your product or service (this is required for search engines);
  • The resource is the website for free ads;
  • Anyone can place an ad on the free ads website;
  • Added by users materials, which do not correspond to the website subject and those rules requirements, will be deleted;
  • Ads will be checked, in certain cases they will be corrected, all duplicates will be deleted. The administration of the bulletin board reserves the right to move your ad to another section of the board, which is the most suitable for the topic;
  • The ad author is responsible for the ad content. Website administration is not responsible for the contents of the ads and reserves the right to remove any ad without explaining the reasons (in case of non-compliance with these rules);
  • The website administration has the right to change these rules of the bulletin board at any time without notifying users;
  • The website administration is not liable for damages, losses or expenses incurred in connection with this website, its use or inability to use it;
  • If you use the resources provided by the website (this also includes placing ads on the website and using the information provided), you automatically agree to these terms and assume the rights and duties indicated therein relating to the use of the website.

The next things are forbidden

  • It is forbidden to publish ads, which content violates generally accepted morality norms;
  • It is forbidden to publish ads which content violates the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation (sale of goods prohibited for sale on the Republic of Kazakhstan territory);
  • It is forbidden to place ads that do not correspond to the website subject;
  • It is forbidden to place the same ad twice in one or more sections of the board;
  • It is forbidden to post ads that contain a set of key phrases;
  • It is forbidden to insert HTML code, BB-code and strange symbols into the ad;
  • It is forbidden to write the headline and text in CAPITAL LETTERS, highligt ads by specisl symbols;
  • It is forbidden to insult the website users, website administration or the website in general.

The website reserves the right to block ads and users without explanation.

The "Kazakh-Zerno" website is not responsible for the ads. The ads are submitted by people, not by the website editors.

If you have some suggestions and wishes, please contact the website administration via feedback.